Color map design for visualization in flood risk assessment: International Journal of Geographical Information Science: Vol 31, No 11

  • 可视化的文章一直不到怎么写,IJGIS还是给一条明路


Social media analytics for natural disaster management

  • 综述。
  • Four dimensions in social media data, including space, time, content and network, have attracted particular attention from researchers.
  • Space
  • Notably, a problem may arise when using KDE to deal with social media data, which is that the spatial pattern of social media activities is often a reflection of population distribution, meaning that areas with a larger population tend to report more social media messages. 愿意发声汇报的中心集中。
  • 带geo-tag的社交数据仍旧是少量,更多的是地理语
  • 例如downtown 和city center这样。



Modelling the passive microwave signature from land surfaces: A review of recent results and application to the L-band SMOS & SMAP soil moisture retrieval algorithms - ScienceDirect

  • 综述 主要关键词 被动微波 土壤水分


Chilling and heat requirements for local and foreign almond (Prunus dulcis Mill.) cultivars in a warm Mediterranean location based on 30 years of phenology records - ScienceDirect

  • 不同作物收到高温影响的方式不同
  • 大多数温带水果和坚果树需要在休眠阶段满足寒冷和热量需求,以便定期开花并产生经济上令人满意的产量。寒冷期高温对大多数本地和外来的杏仁品种显示出明显的花期延迟效应。


Balancing China’s climate damage risk against emission control costs | SpringerLink

  • 完全不同的领域和方法 做能源经济-环境综合体系模型


Impact assessment of climate change on farming systems in the South Mediterranean area: a Tunisian case study | SpringerLink

  • 本研究考虑了一种量化方法来评估突尼斯农业系统面对气候变化的情况。它是基于弹性概念和计算,具有模型链,三个指标:土地库存,劳动力库存和收入流量。开发和比较了代表性农业系统的两个系统状态“基地”和“气候变化”以及2010-2025年的时间范围。